Partner Project Application

The Keep Lexington Beautiful (KLB) commission is the official local affiliate for Keep America Beautiful, Inc. The commission is seeking project ideas from neighborhood associations and other organizations that are in keeping with the mission of KLB, which consists of litter prevention, beautification and community improvement, or waste reduction. Projects supporting these goals are important to improving the quality of life in Lexington.

KLB is committed to working with neighborhoods and organizations to make projects a reality. Funding is not guaranteed; however, KLB has opportunities to apply for grants from various resources. The commission’s goal is to assist community groups by identifying funding for shovel-ready projects.

KLB will apply for funding based upon when the project idea was submitted and the project cost in relation to the amount of the grant available. If or when funding is identified and a grant application is submitted, you will be notified immediately. You will also be notified if we feel that your project idea does not fit the scope of our mission or is out of range for possible funding. Please make us aware if you find funding for your project so we can remove it from our list. Project lists will be reviewed periodically to verify the continued need for funding.

Fill out the “2017 Keep Lexington Beautiful Partner Project Needs Assessment Application” here. Thank you for submitting your project idea to Keep Lexington Beautiful. We look forward to partnering with you to find funding for your project.