Pick it up Lexington!

Bend over and pick up a piece of litter today.

What we leave on the ground - litter, cigarette butts-goes straight down our storm sewers polluting our streams and sources of drinking water.

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Organizing a clean up

Lexington's greenspaces need our help.

Jacobson Park, Woodland Park, Liberty. All of these need our help. Organizing is easy and rewarding.

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Thank you Keeneland

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The annual Community Appearance Index results are in! Designed by Keep America Beautiful, this tool evaluates the overall appearance of communities through indicators such as litter, illegal signs, graffiti, abandoned or junked vehicles, and outside storage.

Litter is ranked on a scale of 1-4. Areas with the ranking of 1 contain litter that can easily be picked up by an individual in just a few moments. Areas with the ranking of 4 represents an area that requires equipment, crews, and an extensive amount of time to clean up. Fayette County is divided into five areas, each containing 10 sub-areas. See: Litter Survey 2014 Update

With these results we can see where our efforts need to be concentrated over the next year. We hope that the Community Appearance Index will inspire change and behavior regarding litter and preservation issues.

Lexington Women’s Garden Work Day

At Wellington Park (565 Wellington Way)

Sunday May 18, 2014 2 – 4 pm

For more information: Call Victoria Meyer 806-4665