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Recycling reduces waste that goes to landfills and produces revenue for our city.
Besides reducing waste, recycling also:

Saves Energy:
Recycling one aluminum can saves as much electricity as it takes to run a television for three hours.

Conserves Natural Resources:
Recycling a four-foot stack of the Lexington Herald-Leader newspaper produces as much paper pulp
as a 40-foot pine tree. Bottles and jars can be used to replace high grade sand, soda ash, limestone
and feldspar in making new bottles.

Improves the Environment:
Pollutants from manufacturing processes are reduced through recycling–50% for paper
and 90% for aluminum

Strengthens the Economy:
Reclaiming resources from our waste puts money back into the local economy and provides
many jobs in the recycling industry.

Discover how your garbage gets another life.

Where and what can I recycle here in Lexington?

What can be recycled in your Rosie.